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Kathleen Adams Olsen

Raised on the Eastern Seaboard and exposed to the art and culture of Manhattan from an early age, Kathleen Adams Olsen began her artistic career in New York City. There she cultivated an interest in the decorative arts, focusing on textile design in a variety of applications.

After completing her art degree, Kathleen moved with her Norwegian husband to Germany and then to Norway. Living in Europe over a span of eight years, Ms. Olsen's travels and studies fostered a keen appreciation for the traditional decorative forms of Northern Europe.

Now Kathleen applies her international design sensibility to the
age old art of rug design. Working first in detailed pencil sketches, then matching paints to yarns in order to creat magnificent custom palettes, Kathleen produces uncommon rug renderings that are pieces of original art in and of themselves. Ms. Olsen then follows each design through its manufacturing to ensure the utmost in quality craftsmanship. 

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Nordic Inspirations
Nordic Inspirations is a collection of rugs inspired by the traditional hand work and styles of the Scandinavian cultures. Drawing from the lace on a bunad blouse for "Nordic Lace," the flower blossoms of the Hardanger Fjord and the playful lines of rosemaling in the "Bird Song," and the graceful carving of Gustavian furniture in "Simple" and "Gustavian."
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Mountain Wildflower Series
Mountain Wildflower Series is a collection of rugs inspired by the flowers found on the Scandinavian mountain sides.
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