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Lise Skjåk Bræk

Lise Skjåk Bræk is one of the best-known textile designers in Norway. Lise is best-known for her work in the field of clothing and textile design. She has designed numerous theatrical costumes, church textiles, company uniforms and has dressed deans in universities s well a priests in the pulpits. She has regular exhibitions in art galleries and art museums.

Among Lise's many accomplishments and projects
are: The Norwegian Olympic Committee designs for Albertville, Barcelona, and Lillehammer Winter Olympic games, the SSAS Scandinavia hotel in Oslo, Colour-Line Cruises, World Ski Championships in Trondheim, and clothing designs for Trondheim, Aalesund, and Oslo Festivals.

Lise has her own line of
festival and folk costume wear as well as her sweater/kntiwear collections.

Click on the correct Rug Collection BELOW to view IMAGES of rugs.

Heritage Rug Collection
The Lise Skjåk Bræk Heritage Rug Collection was designed exclusively for Nordic Home Interiors. In this
collection Lise has combined the richness of tradtional Scandinavian color and design with the centuries-old art of hand-knotted carpets and rugs from Nepal. These rugs were inspired by folk-art from approximately 1650-1850 AD. Lise incorporates traditional and historically significant motifs found on woven textiles, embroidery, silver artifacts and wood carvings. The rugs coordinate with traditonal country antiques and reproduction furniture, but because of the simplicity of the designs they also complement nicely with the more modern minimalist style of today.Collections

The Homage to Heritage Collection
The Homage to Heritage Collection is inspired by ornaments from the side of a hand carved chest, and silver engravings on a button both originating in Gudbrandsdalen.
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The Peasants Pride Collection
The Peasants Pride Collection is inspired by ornaments from a double weave found in Gudbrandsdalen.
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The Rose Lid Collection
The Rose Lid Collection is inspired by the carved lid of a wooden box from the valley of Gudbrandsdalen.
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The Roses Collection
The Roses Collection Lise Skjåk Bræk.
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The Shingles Collection
The Shingles Collection is inspired by an old tapestry weave from the mountain regions of Oppdal in the middle of Norway.
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The Torpo Floral Collection
The Torpo Floral Collection is inspired by decorations from the Torpo church in Hallingdal. Originates form 1240.
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The Duck Collection
The Ducks Collection by Lise Skjåk Bræk.
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The Ornaments Collection
The Ducks Collection by Lise Skjåk Bræk.
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